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TwizyLine is the project that represents Spain in the Renault Twizy Contest 2020. The aim of the French company is to look for an ecological mobility alternative for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The winner of the competition, in which candidates from all continents are presented, could see his project come true at the Paris 2024 Oympics, as well as attending the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in 2021, where large technology companies present their new products or research. 

In addition, TwizyLine has won the contest of the University of Valladolid Prometeo 2020, where the best innovators of the UVa are awarded and supported to manage to launch their projects, all with the aim of improving people’s lives.

TwizyLine is a carsharing platform with autonomous parking. The vehicle is parked inside the parking completely alone. The team has also developed the system mobile app, which is available for IOS and Android. The user only must perform a classic login by entering their email and password. Once you have entered the app, you can search for the nearest TwizyLine parking, as well as see the number of vehicles available and their load level.

Once the user has checked the nearest TwizyLine car park and headed towards it, request one of the vehicles. The designated Twizy goes autonomously to the place of departure following a magnetic stripe.  Here, the user picks up the controls of his vehicle to the desired location. Once you are done, you must leave your car in the TwizyLine parking closest to where you are. By simply parking it at the place of arrival, the user can leave without worrying about anything else. Once the user leaves the place of arrival, the vehicle will follow the magnetic stripe to the parking area with the rest of the vehicles.

The Twizy moves inside the parking using a geolocation system. This means that the car follows  magnetic stripess using a specific sensor. You are also able to stop automatically at any time if there is a breakdown or if you found any obstacles in your way. In addition, the carpark is designed so no one is inside the TwizyLine autonomous parking area, so it will always be a totally safe environment.


Our Mission

Implement an ecological alternative that solves the mobility and pollution problems that are created in major sporting events, improving the air quality of our cities with zero emissions


Our system works with electric cars and under no circumstances would combustion vehicles be used. In addition, the simple and autonomous operation of parking brings us a little closer to the future. Clean, smart cities will never come if we don’t build them together.

Value #1: Innovation

This project is unique in its kind. There is none like it and it will mean a change in the mobility of European cities.

Value #2: Quality

If it is not good, it is not ours. You can't make a smart car park with the cities of the future in which you can't park without quality or commitment.

Value #3: Passion

Creating new ways of mobility is essential to achieve so-called smart cities,so it is necessary to put everything possible to achieve arespectful, strong and pollution-free society.

Value #4: Ecologism

It is essential to respect the environment, and this system does. The use of electric cars allows access to any point of the city without damaging the air quality.

Meet Our Team

Adrián Mazaira


Telecommunications Engineer

Ignacio Royuela


Telecommunications Engineer

Samuel Pilar


Telecommunications Engineer

Mario Martín


Journalist and Communication

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