Why TwizyLine parking?

TwizyLine allows its users to move freely respecting the environment, but what's so special about their car parks?

The self-driving car has always been a future that most automotive companies have aspired to. An ever more present dream of the future. An autonomous vehicle is anyone who controls it without the need for a driver, and that definition is already a reality. The TwizyLine car park works on its own, without human help. When a user leaves the vehicle after use, the car follows a magnetic stripe to their parking space, where it will be recharged by induction. Once a user requires a vehicle, they will follow the exit band to the place where the car will wait for their driver.

Moving independently and without worrying about restrictions on the movement of polluting gas-emitting vehicles or not having to worry about finding parking are some of the benefits TwizyLine brings to society, but why a self-parking lot?

TwizyLine’s self-run car park has a number of important benefits. One of them is that it is applicable to already built car parks. As parking works via magnetic stripe guidance and vehicles arecharged by induction, it could be applied to a working one, both underground and outdoor, which reduces the costs of using a new floor..

Another advantage of self-parking is that it allows the parking design to be scalable, but what does this mean? This means that the number of places can be reduced or increased depending on the need of the place and the number of sites required by this according to the influx. Being a controlled environment always and closed to the public, vehicles can be grouped more efficiently, which could double the number of spaces in a normal car park. Maximizing the number of seats is important, as cities increasingly lack parking spaces, so concentrating a large mass of cars in little space is a breakthrough.

But isn’t autonomous technology unproven? Despite popular belief that autonomous vehicles with a thing of the future, factories have been using magnetic stripe guidance for years. They are so-called AGVs and are machines that move along a line on the ground. This is the system used by TwizyLine. It is fully tested and cheaper than other technologies such as the famous LIDAR, which measures distances by using a laser signal.

With all this, we have a parking applicable to one already in use, controlled at all times, of autonomous vehicle management, which allows the design to be scalable and maximize the number of spaces available per parking, and with a proven and inexpensive technology. All this makes TwizyLine’s parking design revolutionary and necessary today, because the future is much closer than we think, and its name is TwizyLine.

Why TwizyLine parking?

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