Why TwizyLine?

TwizyLine has a lot of advantage, but what are they

TwizyLine is here to stay. It is necessary to take care of the air quality of our cities while looking for how to create smart cities that help us in our day to day and facilitate the lives of all citizens. An important communication network, supported by the Internet of Things and Big Data helps create these cities of tomorrow, and tomorrow is getting closer.

TwizyLine relies on these advances, creating a communication network with its vehicles, servers, users and the parking lot itself. In addition, to generate the ecological brand image that every city needs. TwizyLine cars are electric, respecting any type of restriction on the movement of combustion vehicles and reducing the pollution beret generated in many cities, such as Madrid, London or Paris.

Another advantage of TwiyLine is space saving. Thanks to the scalable parking design, a normal 70-seater car park would go on to have 165 spaces for cars. As all car parks are controlled and pedestrian-free places inside, respecting European law, space is made the most of, solving one of the increasingly visible problems in European cities: the lack of places to park or establish deterrent parking that frees the centre of traffic jams and pollution.

Autonomous parking management is another advantage, as it also helps to save space. In addition, the risk of collision between vehicles decreases, as they move at very low speeds and in a fully controlled manner. Such car parks have not yet arrived in Europe, as there is only one in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, but it is not open to the public.

The application is very intuitive and easy to use. From there, you can take a car in one click. In addition, you can see in real time the assigned vehicle, the load level, or the spaces available in the car parks.

TwizyLine’s commitment to the environment and the construction of smart cities is absolute. That’s why it’s important to move forward together and look for eco-friendly solutions that allow our mobility to evolve into a more environmentally friendly, connected system that maximizes space and is easy to use.

Why TwizyLine?

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