Renault and the University of Valladolid welcome TwizyLine

Renault and the University of Valladolid welcome TwizyLine

The University of Valladolid put the Palace of Santa Cruz. Renault, the Twizy, and TwizyLine, the team. The presentation of the project was by all the great, with the presence of personalities such as the engineering director of Renault Spain, Marc Bodin, the rector of the University of Valladolid, Antonio Largo Cabrerizo, the director of the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers (ETSIT), Patricia Durantez, and the Vice-Counsel of Universities and Research of Castilla y León, Pilar Garcés.

The TwizyLine team received the 2000-euro prize from Marc Bodin for being the champions of the national phase of the Renault TwizyContest 2020, as well as being the representatives in the international phase that will take place online on 9 December. During the event, Renault Spain’s director of engineer stressed the importance of supporting our young innovators, a pillar of the future, not only nationally, but globally.

The rector was proud of the quarry of young entrepreneurs who leave the University of Valladolid, just as Pilar Garcés emphasized the need not only to do this type of acts and support the innovators, but also to continue with them in that growth of their ideas and try to make them flourish and move forward to enhance the research of the region and the industrial fabric of it.

This celebration was the recognition of months of intense work of many hours of enthusiasm put into the development of the project, which, step by step, is advancing and evolving to become a real mobility solution for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. That’s why we’re going to draw the future together.

Renault and the University of Valladolid welcome TwizyLine

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