Why TwizyLine parking?

TwizyLine allows its users to move freely respecting the environment, but what’s so special about their car parks? The self-driving car has always been a future that most automotive companies have aspired to. An ever more present dream of the future. An autonomous vehicle is anyone who controls it without the need for a driver, […]

Why TwizyLine?

TwizyLine has a lot of advantage, but what are they TwizyLine is here to stay. It is necessary to take care of the air quality of our cities while looking for how to create smart cities that help us in our day to day and facilitate the lives of all citizens. An important communication network, […]

TwizyLine, Drawing The Future

The autonomous parking that will revolutionize mobility in your city. TwizyLine, because moving ecologically has never been easier Valladolid, 2020:  TwizyLine is the project that represents Spain in the Renault Twizy Contest 2020. The aim of the French company is to look for an ecological mobility alternative for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The winner […]

Thank You for your Support

Renault, ASTI, Maxon, the University of Valladolid, ETSIT, Prometeo awards and Autocine Castilla, main collaborators of TwizyLine The collaboration with these companies and the University of Valladolid has allowed us to reach not only the final of the Renault TwizyContest 2020, but to face it with the level that the occasion deserves It’s practically impossible […]

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