TwizyLine and Valladolid Town Hall, a Necessary Story

The TwizyLine team presented to the city council of their city the winning project of the Renault TwizyContest 2020

The cities of the future are getting closer and closer. It is more than necessary to rethink the mobility of our cities and start taking care of the quality of their air, because it is the one that we all breathe and the one that our children will breathe one day. For this reason, the TwizyLine team presented Valladolid city council the project with which they will represent Spain in the final of the Renault TwizyContest 2020, final that will be telematics on December 9.

The meeting took place in the consistorial house of the city, where innovation councilor Charo Chávez, mobility councillor Luis Vélez and Mayor Oscar Puente attended. The team emphasized the need for transformation of today’s increasingly polluted cities with more restrictions on the movement of gas-emitting vehicles. The feedback of the Mayor and his team was completely positive. They loved TwizyLine and the idea of a new carsharing system with autonomous parking, which it could be the first kind of car park in Spain and second in Europe. They said that it completely necessary take care of new ways of mobility and our young innovators.

The city of Valladolid is focusing on transforming its mobility and that of its citizens, making it essential to raise people’s awareness of this change. We need to look for new ways, new carsharing systems with 0-emission vehicles, perfectly implemented bike lanes and abandon the old model of taking the personal car to go to the city center when it is not entirely necessary.

It is essential that city councils get involved in the innovation projects of young entrepreneurs, because without them, it is not possible to achieve a better, greener and respectful future in their citymodel. The smartcities of the future are getting closer, and that’s why it’s important to get closer together to that near future, that future named after TwizyLine.

TwizyLine and Valladolid Town Hall, a Necessary Story

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